Relaxation Dentistry & Oral Sedation Provides Maximum Comfort

You Can Finally Relax With Anxiety-Free & Pain-Free Dentistry

Fear of dental treatment keeps many people away from the dentist. We know that your fear is real and can be a powerful, crippling force. You may have had a bad dental experience sometime in your life. We understand and will listen to your concerns and customize your care to allow you to be anxiety-free, comfortable and never have to be fearful of a dental experience again. Avoidance of dental care causes needless suffering from painful toothaches, and we want you to experience the benefits of good overall oral health.

Oral Conscious Sedation

There is a segment of the population that has too much fear to accept dental care. That’s why Dr. Mike, during his 37 years of dental practice, has always made available for fearful patients the use of Nitrous Oxide (laughing gas) and/or Oral Conscious Sedation. Dr. Mike has been a member of Doctors of Oral Conscious Sedation (DOCS) since 2004. Oral Conscious Sedation is safe and our team uses vital signs and pulse oximeter monitoring during your dental treatment. By the use of sedative pills, you can for the first time have dental care completely relaxed and pain free.

You Won’t Even Feel The Shot

Dr. Mike has numerous techniques available for pain free dentistry. Have you ever experienced the sting and burning of the novocaine shot? It doesn’t have to be that way anymore. Most dentists use a pre-numbing gel prior to the injection. The gel contains benzocaine; however we use a gel we call super gel. It is specially compounded with not one, but three topical anesthetics. No more prick of the needle. The sting from the first drops of novacaine is because anesthetics are acidic, a low PH. Our body’s PH is neutral around 7.4. Injecting acid into the soft tissue burns. Dr. Mike uses Onpharma Onset. We compound carpules of acid anesthetic with sodium bicarbonide to bring it to the body’s PH before injecting into your body. No more burning sting, plus the added benefit of rapid onset. Have you ever had the experience of being difficult to numb? Onset by Onpharma greatly reduces the “I’m difficult to numb” syndrome. Just these two products alone, used by our gentle wiggle technique, has most patients saying, “I never felt the shot.”

When you arrive at our office for your gentle dental procedure, we will discuss the various options available to ensure you have a relaxing and anxiety-free experience. In addition to your oral sedation, our entire staff works with compassion and care to ensure you are as comfortable as possible during and after your cleanings and dental procedures.

For more information on our services, please don’t hesitate to contact us today at (904) 246-6714.