Professional Teeth Whitening in Jacksonville Beach

Over the past several years, dozens of products have entered the market that can help you obtain a brighter, whiter smile. While many of the over-the-counter products do provide noticeable results, they come with a greater risk of side effects and do not provide the quality of results that you can achieve with professional teeth whitening services from your dentist.

Important Things to Consider

There are many important things to consider before using a teeth whitening system or choosing a whitening procedure. If you have any dental bondings, crowns, or tooth-colored fillings the whitening will not affect these materials. In general, yellowish-hued teeth will become whiter than grayish-hued teeth. Dr. Jumber can help you determine your best course of action with a quick evaluation.

Our Technology

  • KoR Whitening: In office power whitening along with take home custom trays.
  • Opalescence Whitening

We offer both the KoR and Opalescence teeth whitening treatments. Call us at (904) 246-6714 or use our web-based contact form today.